11 positions could be eliminated in 2009-2010 Mohawk Central School proposed budget


MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - 11 positions at Mohawk Central School could be eliminated, according to the proposed 2009-2010 school budget.

The list of positions to be eliminated had originally consisted of 10 jobs. However, a math department position was added to the elimination list at the Board of Education meeting on Monday.

The School District's Business Manager Charles Mower says class sizes were a factor in some of the decisions, as well as an effort to put together a fiscally responsible budget.

School District Business Manager Charles Mower says the cuts are not something the Board of Education want to do, but a sacrifice they must make - one that will reduce payroll costs by $350,000.

The job eliminations, which range across the board from instructional to athletics, to even administrative, are all part of the proposed budget, which still has to be adopted by the Board of Education in April, and if adopted, would then go to the public for vote on May 19.

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