Player: Merging Football teams like "losing an identity"


RICHFIELD SPRINGS, N.Y. (WKTV) - A proposed merger of football teams in Richfield Springs and Mohawk isn't sitting well with everyone.

Mike Wright, a Richfield Springs football player, said the team has been told it's not good enough to win on its own, and could soon merge with nearby Mohawk.

"It almost would be like losing an identity in fall sports," said Wright.
The school has experimented with merging soccer and wrestling programs with other nearby schools.

Richfield Springs Schools Superintendent Robert Barraco says the reason for merging has less to do with winning and more to do with safety.

"Basically the Richfield Springs Springs School District is committed to the health of student athletes," Barraco said. "We feel that by looking at this possible combining of teams we will be able to protect our student athletes because we will have more numbers and fewer young boys that would have to participate."

A combined team would also help Richfield Springs build a strong Junior Varsity team, Barraco added.

The Mohawk School District approved the proposal, and it's now up to the Richfield Springs School Board to make a decision.

That could happen during the board meeting Wednesday night.

Last season Richfield Springs went 0-7.

Over the past three seasons the team has won just six games.

Mohawk went 4-3 and made the playoffs.

If merged, the new team would be moved from class D to class C.

Barraco said there has been no discussion as to which team colors or facilities could be used, though Mohawk's Varsity field is undergoing field renovations.

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