Friend: "He was a patriot and hero to everyone"


HOLLAND PATENT, N.Y. (WKTV) - Friends are still coming to grips with the loss of the loss of Floyd native Lance Corporal Blaise Oleski.

Oleski was killed Tuesday morning in Now Zad Afghanistan by small arms fire.

The fallen Marine's best friend Trevor Hiffa says he was with Oleski when he enlisted years ago and while he's struggling with the loss, he feelings go out to the family.

"...his family loved him very very much, and to know him since birth is something that i just couldn't imagine."

Another childhood friend, Billy Allen says the loss has been felt throughout the Holland Patent community.

"In a small town like this everyone is effected. Everybody knew him. Anyone that didn't know him knew he was an awesome person."

The Oleski family is in Dover, Delaware awaiting the return of their son's remains.

Blaise Oleski will return to the U.S. tonight at 5:35pm according to the military.

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