"Craiglist Killer" shines national spotlight on hometown of Sherrill


SHERRILL, N.Y. (WKTV) - His face is all over the national media; his name is on the lips of just about everyone in the small city of Sherrill, New York.

Accused "Craigslist Killer" Philip Markoff, a current medical school student at Boston University, is a 2004 graduate of Vernon Verona Sherrill High School. School officials would only confirm that someone by that name graduated from the school in 2004.

Markoff was the talk of Ike's Country Creek Cafe in Sherrill today.

"Here we are talking about this thing that happened out in the world, then you find out that the kid's from right here in Sherrill area, graduated just a year before my son, was on the bowling team," says regular customer Ed Smith.

Markoff is accused of shooting and killing a 26-year-old woman who advertised visiting massage services on 'Craigslist'. The woman was murdered in an upscale Boston hotel. He is also accused of robbing a 26-year-old prostitute in a hotel south of Boston.

Ed Smith of Sherrill can't remember anything unusual about Markoff -certainly, he says, nothing that would point to accusations of murder.

"It's just going to go down in history here in this small town as one of those things where you just can't put it together, you just couldn't draw the dots between it, it's impossible, just a great kid."

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