State Republicans push for STAR rebate checks


(WKTV) - For the first time in three years, the STAR rebate check will not be given back to taxpayers. The STAR Exemption Program is still available, just not the STAR rebate check that used to come in September.

However, there is now a website set up to petition the state government to bring it back. is a website set up by Republican senators to help school tax payers get back some of their money.

"This was some of your money, my money being sent back to help offset some of the costs to paying property taxes," said State Senator Joe Griffo (R), 47th District.

Griffo, and other republican senators say the spending in Albany has gotten so out of control, especially with those nuisance taxes that will soon take affect, that tax payers need the rebate checks, and the extra relief.

"Not only are you raising people's taxes but you are taking away money, that was rightly theirs, to help pay for those taxes," Griffo said.

According to Griffo, the state government keeping the rebate checks, will put $1.4 billion toward the state budget deficit. Griffo estimates, if the checks were not taken away, central new yorkers would have received $177 million.

"We can't have people going around now saying you can't afford it when their finding other ways to spend money right now. This was a chance to give people their money back, to help them offset challenging costs that are confronting them right now," Griffo said.

In response to the Republican push, the Press Secretary, to the State Senate majority leader says:

"This is another example of borrow and spend Republican Economics that have gotten the state in the financial crisis it is in today. Twelve years under Pataki, and 40 years of a Republican senate majority, that cared more about protecting the special interest rather than middle income New Yorkers. Outlandish spending habits has lead to the crushing tax burden NY faces." said Austin Shafran.

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