ConMed announces layoffs at French Road location


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - ConMed already announced that one site is closing, but a new round of layoffs is taking place at another building.

ConMed Corporation manufactures medical supplies, and last Summer they announced a restructuring that would include the closing of their Broad Street plant.

But these layoffs are at the other location on French Road.

But company official Rob Shallish says they are a part of the restructuring announced last Summer. The jobs involve the production of cord sets. But Shallish says cord sets will still be produced at the French Road location; the entire cord set production division isn't being lost.

The State Labor Department website that lists warn notices for layoffs had no layoff date, but listed July 31 as the closing date of that particular unit.

Rob Shallish at ConMed didn't forsee any more layoffs in the near future.

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