Amid recession, foreign car sales remain strong


(WKTV) - The recession has certainly taken a toll on domestic car manufactures and domestic car sales - at the same time General Motors announced plans to cut production and close plants, foreign car production and sales remain steady.

"Subaru actually sold more cars last year than in the year before," said Ed Welsh, General Manager of AAA, and Host of "Auto Talk".

Welsh says foreign car sales have been successful because those companies don't have unions, like most U.S. car companies, and they did not over produce.

"They were able to meet the demands of their customer base and grow very slowly," Welsh said.

Owner of Paolozzi's Car World, in Marcy, Joe Paolozzi sells Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, and Mazda vehicles. Paolozzi says that since the recession, sales at his dealership have remained "fairly steady."

"It is nice to have three franchises that are increasing in sales, and wanting to bring sales to the United States," Paolozzi said. "I would say Mazda is doing the best, and Volkswagen is doing the second best. Very close."

Paolozzi believes foreign sales have remained steady because of the companies willingness to invest in U.S. Volkswagen is currently building a multi-million dollar facility in Tennessee.

Paolozzi says he is ordering and selling just as many vehicles as in the past. However, he says he can't help but keep an eye on then news.

"We wait to read about that in the paper everyday. We never know what the next story is, or the next proceedings," Paolozzi said. "But the import market is not in that same classification."

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