Stimulus: Sooner or later?


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - 85 days have passed since the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was signed into law. At the heart of the plan is infrastructure work much of it slated to be used for transportation. None of that work has begun in the Mohawk Valley. It won't start until next week according to contractors.

The federal funding awarded to the Mohawk Valley, and others areas nationwide was to be used quickly, within 120 days following the bills signing that appears to be on track locally.

Officials from the Department of Transportation say work on the four local projects will soon begin. Contractors have been drawing up plans and schedules to rehabilitate, paint and replace certain parts of bridges in addition to road paving work.

"This is always cyclical type maintenance work which was always in the cue to get done anyway what the stimulus allowed us to do was get a jump on earlier in the season like that whereas as opposed to the typical course of funding that it would have gone through," said Bob Rice Department of Transportation.

Here is a list of local projects:

- Bridge painting- includes 11 bridges in Oneida, Herkimer and Montgomery counties.

UTICA: Culver Avenue over Route 5S

- Bridge cleaning- 102 bridges in O.C., H.C.
Specific municipalities not provided.

- Rehabilitation of Routes 5A and 69 in Rome, Whitestown

The four stimulus projects that have been awarded to date:

Bridge joint repair- five bridges along Interstate 790 in Utica:

1.) Routes 8 & 12 northbound over I-790
2.) Interstate 790 over Interstate 90 (Thruway)
3.) & 4.) Interstate 790 over CSX Railroad northbound and southbound
5.) Ramp to Route 49 westbound over I-790 and I-90.

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