Just a publicity stunt - KISS FM remains on air despite weekend claims


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - In the end, all the hype turned out to be nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Yes, KISS FM is still KISS FM.

Last week, Roser Communications, which owns 97.9/105.5 KISS FM announced KISS FM "was coming to an end," blaming the circumstances on "the tough economy."

"Everybody is feeling the pinch with the recession and radio is no different," said KISS FM DJ Jesse Jordan on Friday. "So, due to financial constraints, we are going to end KISS FM."

"Not just radio, broadcasting in general, car dealerships, it's tough economic times and you've got make ends meet," said fellow DJ Shaun Andrews on Friday. "This is just a way for us to not only make ends meet, but to bring something fresh and different to Central New York, radio-wise."

When probed on Friday for the legitimacy of the claim, and asked if this was just a publicity stunt, KISS FM representatives told NEWSChannel 2 that it was not a stunt, and that it truly was "the end of KISS FM."

This past weekend, the station highlighted its past 15 years of programming with what it called a "celebration weekend," promising in promotional announcements throughout the weekend that "as of Monday morning, the end of KISS FM, and the start of a new Roser Communications station."

Monday morning the air staff went on the air for about two and half hours playing songs from decades past, until coming clean around 10 a.m. and admitting it was a ploy to promote the station's new morning crew and lineup changes.

"After two hours of playing Sinatra, some "Stairway," Gloria Estefan and The Proclaimers, I've come to realize it all pales in comparison to the artistic integrity of T-Pain," said Andrews in a release from Roser Communications.

In that official statement, Roser Communications said this was "merely the first step in announcing its exciting lineup changes," which they say includes DJ Jesse Jordan at Midday, Shaun Andrews in afternoons, Intern Dave at night, and the introduction of Eric Thomas from Flint, Michigan to weekday mornings.

"I can't wait to sleep in again," Jordan said in the release Monday. "We welcome Eric to the Utica/Rome market and to our family here at RCN."

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