Oneida Nation: "We wish the county well..."

VERONA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Oneida Indian Nation says they will continue to focus on their own interest, and wish the county well in its future endeavors, after the county GOP said it would not support a Partnership Plan between the county and the Oneida Nation.

The agreement would have resulted in 1,000 new jobs in the area promised by Nation CEO Ray Halbritter in the next five years, as well as $55 million to Oneida County and various institutions within. Oneida County would have received $30 million in cash, up front, and then another $2.5 million per year, for ten years.

In exchange, Oneida County would have dropped it's lawsuit against the Nation and its efforts to put a little more than 8,800 hundred acres of land into federal trust, making it tax exempt.

“We commend Tony Picente for his leadership in attempting to provide for future generations of Oneida County residents," said Nation spokesperson Mark Emery. "The Oneida Nation is thriving, and we are especially pleased with the performance of our businesses in a challenging business climate. We will continue to focus our efforts on the Nation’s initiatives, and wish the Legislature well in its attempts to address the County’s many issues.”

Even if it was approved, there were contingencies, such as the State of New York having to reach an agreement, with the Oneida Indian Nation, on the collection of sales tax.

When asked if this means there will be no more negotiations in the near future, Nation officials had no comment.

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