To catch a crook: Utica Police release information on Top 10 unsolved mysteries


UTICA, N.Y (WKTV) - The Utica Police Department needs your help to catch 10 murderers.

The department's criminal investigation unit is going to start releasing photos and information on its top 10 unsolved homicides. The oldest murder is from 1984, when Robert Cervo was found dead in a car at Utica College.

The newest homicide is in June of 2008. Richard Savage was found shot to death inside his apartment in the Kennedy Plaza Apartments.

Captain James Watson said they'll be releasing the information of two homicides every Tuesday and Thursday. He said sometimes letting cases sit for awhile can help generate new leads.

"People will feel guilty or someone will come forward with a piece of information or have a repressed memory that they didn't think would be important at the time, which would have been," Watson said.

He said the department has had great success in the past with using media outlets to help catch criminals. He hopes for the same results in these unsolved homicides.

Watson said once all 10 homicides are released to the public, they will put the pictures and background information on their website, which we will link you to via our site

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