As deadline for recall petition approaches; Utica Mayor carries on with "business as usual"


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Organizers of the effort to recall Mayor David Roefaro are just days away from having to hand in the required amount of signatures. William Newell and Susan Arcuri are driving forces in the effort.

On Thursday, Newell did not want to disclose the exact number of signatures they and their supporters have collected, but said he is fully confident they will hand in the required minimum 2800 signatures on July 21st.

Mayor Roefaro, meanwhile, says it is business as usual at city hall.

"We are carrying on as though it never happened. The mayor is not letting this distract him from the daily business of running the city and working on behalf of all Uticans," says city spokesperson Angelo Roefaro.

Once the signatures are handed in to the city clerk, she will then forward to the common council. From there, the signatures go to the Oneida County Board of Elections, where they will be verified.

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