No jail time for driver in fatal Steuben accident

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The local man responsible for the car crash last year that killed his sister-in-law pleaded guilty in Oneida County Court today to criminally negligent homicide and operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

Carl Barcomb will not face any jail time for the crime. Prosecutors and defense attorneys say that victim Laura Gribneau's family is completely supportive of the disposition. Gribneau was 36 years old at the time of the crash that claimed her life.

"They were not in favor of any kind of indictment or grand jury proceeding. I have had direct communication with Miss Gribneau's husband; he understood why I felt it needed to go to the grand jury and let them make a decision about an indictment," says Prosecutor Stacey Paolozzi.

The crash happened August 3rd of last year, at the intersection of Soule Rd. and Rt. 274 in Steuben. Barcomb says he stopped at a stop sign on Soule Rd. , then inched forward into the intersection, where he collided with another car which did not have a stop sign. Barcomb said a building that used to stand at the intersection blocked his view 100 percent.

Attorneys say that Laura Gribneau's family blames the building for the accident, not the fact that Barcomb is believe to have smoked marijuana as recently as 15-20 minutes before the crash.

Barcomb's attorney says that the Gribneau family remains supportive of Barcomb.

"The family members of the deceased have called me and expressed concerns over the prosecution," says defense attorney George Aney.

Barcomb will be sentenced to five years probation and possibly six months house arrest at his sentencing September 18th in Oneida County Court.

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