Mayoral recall petition could move into Fall


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The perceived deadline Tuesday for proponents of the movement to recall Utica Mayor David Roefaro to have their petitions handed in has moved into late Summer- - maybe even fall.

Susan Arcuri, a part of the recall movement, says it's not a deadline; it's more of a 30-day lookback. In other words, if she hands over the signatures to city hall on September 15, only those gathered on or before August 15 will be considered.

Arcuri says people have been very supportive of the movement, but that there are several reasons to go into late summer or fall. She says that people will be in more of a political mindset as we draw closer to primary and general elections. Arcuri also points out that volunteers will have more time to devote to the effort once summer is over, and kids are back in school.

Organizers of the movement are also keeping an eye on Albany for passage of statewide recall legislation, which Arcuri says would prevent any legal challenges to the recall at the state level later on. Arcuri anticipates handing the petitions over to the city sometime in late August or September.

A spokesperson for Utica Mayor David Roefaro has said that the mayor is not letting the recall attempt distract him from the daily business of running a city and working on behalf of all Uticans.

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