Local indictment for Ward in 2006 police murder dismissed as case heads to federal court


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - As the murder case of a New Hartford Police Officer is now in the hands of federal prosecutors, one suspect has his local indictment dismissed.

They're charging Marion Pegese, Toussaint Davis and Robert Ward with the 2006 murder of Police Officer Joseph Corr and robbery of a New Hartford jewelry store.

Local prosecutors say they took the case to a federal level to help them tie the conduct of the defendants in different states. They say federal prosecutors have a better shot at getting witnesses and don't have to jump through as many hurdles.

However, it could still take up to nine months before a trial begins.

One suspect, Robert Ward, had his local indictment dismissed Tuesday in Oneida County Court. Ward is a federal prisoner now and wasn't in court for the dismissal.

Another suspect in this case - Marion Pegese - is expected to have his local indictment dismissed on Thursday.

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