Frankfort man acquitted of charges in election night brawl


LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Harold Griffin has been acquitted of all four charges against him by a judge in Little Falls City Court in connection to a fight that broke out in Frankfort on election night.

Among other charges, Griffin was charged with assaulting Frankfort Mayor Frank Moracco, and his son in law.

The incident happened on election day, June 2008, in the Village of Frankfort. The Mayor said he was assaulted by Griffin, whose wife had unsuccessfully run for Village Trustee that night.

Earlier this week, during the trial, prosecution witnesses say they saw Griffin swing several times at the Mayor, and bite the Mayor's son in law.

Frankfort Police Chief, Steve Conley was one of several that testified against Griffin.

While both the mayor and Police Chief testified against Griffin, several witnesses, including Griffin himself, testified that Police Chief Conley actually held him back while others, including the Mayor, assaulted and beat him.

There were no closing arguments because the judge, not a jury, decided the case.

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