Welfare families could get $200 for back to school supplies

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - It hasn't been widely publicized, but New York State families receiving welfare and food stamps are now eligible for a one-time cash payout of $200 per child.

A former state senator and current political commentator Ray Meier has a different name for the 'back to school' benefit; he calls it a waste of stimulus money that was intended to stimulate the economy...

With absolutely no guarantee that a penny of the 200 dollar benefit will actually go toward kids' needs, "There's no guarantee this goes to buy clothes for needy kids; no guarantee that it goes to provide school supplies for needy kids; it puts cash in the hands of their parents in the form of what amounts to an ATM card and it's just an outrage," Meier says.

Those who were eligible for welfare in the month of July received the cash payout Tuesday on their benefit cards.

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