Touring the Nanotech Hub of New York


ALBANY,N.Y. (WKTV) - SUNYIT President Wolf Yeigh joined reporters Thursday afternoon for a tour of the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering - a place that will soon have plenty in common with the Marcy campus.

Nanotechnology deals with manipulating matter at the atomic level. Nano is a reference to nano meter, or one one billionth of a meter.

Albany's Nanoscale college works in research and development of computer chips - combining academic programs with industry leaders to form new technology that's largely manufactured elsewhere.

On July 15, State leaders unveiled a partnership plan between the two state campuses to share nanotechnology programs and develop new facilities largely for research and development.

$92.5 million in this year's state budget was appropriated for facilities here and in Albany. Aside from the taxpayer dollars, $130 million in private money is also expected to be part of the project.

SUNYIT will build a commercialization center which will transfer work from research and development and further data and products to the commercial marketplace. A groundbreaking is expected in early 2010.

Aside from creating a new industry in the Mohawk Valley, officials project 475 new jobs will be created in Central New York, with an additional 200 in Albany once the newest buildings are complete.

Nanotechnology has been a staple in Albany since 2001.

The College of Nanoscale science started in 2005 and is now an 800,000 square foot, $5 billion operation with 2,500 employees and roughly 30 companies on site.

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