Hamilton College cutting waste, and deals with "Cram and Scram" sale


CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Four tractor trailer loads of furniture and other dorm room goods are being sold at Hamilton College during the schools second "Cram and Scram" sale.

The giant garage sale is only open to Hamilton College students, and is made up of items that were left in the college's dorm rooms. These items can range from clothes, to furniture, to even text books. Rather than be tossed in the garbage unnecessarily, those items are then recycled and resold to incoming students.

School officials say money raised through the sale go to the staff of 15 students who are running it, and trailers that have been rented for the past four months for use in collecting the items.

Students say prices are unbeatable and with rising costs of textbooks, finding good deals are important this semester.

"I have a new apartment, so there is so much room so I don't want to spend money on random stuff like this," said sophomore Josie Jones.

"It's huge," said Kelsey Craw, another student. "It's really, really great to be able to get something for way over the half the price than you would get it in the store."

Three years ago, Hamilton College sent 140 tons of municipal solid waste to a local dump. Last year, that number was trimmed by 40 tons.

After Tuesday's sale, officials expect to have cut even more off the amount of waste it produces.

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