New DNA testing may give 1985 Simon murder case new leads


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - On the eve of the 24th anniversary of the murder of Kimberly Simon in Whitestown, investigators on the Kimberly Simon Task Force are hanging their hopes on new DNA testing.

They have, in evidence, DNA from two unknown sources- - possibly Simon's killer or killers. But the DNA is old, and degraded.

"This mini str testing is used on those to enhance results," says Investigator Rich Ferrucci.

Right now, those samples are only providing investigators with seven genetic markers.

"We're in hopes that this mini str testing will help us maybe get 16 out of 16 genetic markers or maybe get over 10 ; 10 is really a baseline that you want," says Ferrucci.

The investigators earlier this month mailed evidence, including the clothing Kimberly Simon wore the night she was murdered, to the nation's premier forensic lab in Texas- - Cellmark. They also hope that the lab might be able to extract new DNA from Simon's clothing.

Investigators also say that Kimberly Simon owned a special necklace that she wore at all times--including, they believe, at the time of her murder. Police never recovered the gold chain and charm. They believe whoever killed Simon might have kept it as a trophy.

They are looking for anyone who might have seen someone with the necklace, or heard someone talk about it.

The number to call with any information is 315-798-5400.

Another man, Steven Barnes, served nearly 20 years in prison for Simon's murder before DNA testing exonerated him.

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