No prison time for Barcomb for fatal car crash that killed sister-in-law


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - He admitted smoking pot before getting behind the wheel in the crash that killed his sister-in-law. Friday, Carl Barcomb learned he will not spend a day behind bars for the crime.

Carl Barcomb got five years probation and $900 in fines for the fatal crash. No prison time.

At his sentencing, no friends or family members got up and spoke on behalf of victim Laura Gribneau, as is often the case during sentencings that involve a crime where a person is killed.

Instead, victim Gribneau's own husband was in court, in support of Carl Barcomb, the defendant, and his brother in law. In fact, prosecutors say Gribneau's family didn't want Barcomb prosecuted at all. Prosecutor Stacey Paolozzi is bothered by what she sees as Barcomb's failure to accept blame, "other than pleading guilty in his statement from the pre-sentencing investigation, he really is still blaming everything else. He's blaming dips in the road, he's blaming the presence of the building and he's blaming the other driver," she said.

His attorney, George Aney, disagrees, "he really took every precaution he could take. He came up to a stop sign, he stopped, he crawled through the intersection at a very slow rate of speed and it just so happens a vehicle was coming at a high rate of speed."

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