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- You may notice an updated look to comments on our website. has expanded the commenting features to take our discussion to a new level.  Be as involved in the commenting as YOU want to be. 

Not interested in viewing the comments? Just want the facts of the story and nothing more?  Click on Comments (#) or Hide Comments in the bar at the top of a story's comments and the comments are hidden.

Do you have something to add to the discussion?  Click on Comments (#) or Post a Comment in the bar at the top of a story's comment section to reveal the comments and post your own.

We have added new features like threaded comments and comment voting to enhance our "commenting" community..

Our readers will be able to follow the conversation within the comments better with comment threading. Comment threading makes reading comments manageable and returns the value of insightful comments. Not only is it easy to comment, but it's also easier to leave multiple comments as the debate gets going. Now you can respond to individual comments within the thread.  If you choose, comment notification emails can alert you when someone has responded to your comment and makes responding a piece of cake with our Reply By Email feature.

In addition, you can vote on the comments made, and gain reputation points giving your comments more authority. Readers can subscribe to comments through our support of various RSS readers. You can follow your friends as they comment their way across the Internet.

Ready to get started? Set up a Profile by clicking the Signup link here or in the comment section of any story.  You only have to enter a username and email address in your profile.  Reply to your verification email and you are ready to comment on ANY website that uses "IntenseDebate", including WKTV.COM.  Your email address will NEVER by published. You can even add an avatar IF YOU WANT. 

Get as involved in the debate as you want. 


WKTV - NEWSChannel 2's Position on Commenting: offers commenting on stories as a way for you to join a community conversation. As a member of the media we believe in freedom of speech. WKTV - NEWSChannel 2 stands behind the same First Amendment rights that allow us to uncover and discover important and relevant stories every day.

At times the comments will be passionate and spirited.  At the same time, they may be mean-spirited and unsettling.  WKTV-NEWSChannel 2 believes both types of conversations promote an open exchange of ideas.  WKTV  - NEWSChannel 2 reserves the right to remove a comment at any time, but we will not remove a comment because some users disagree or find it offensive.

It is our sincere hope that if a comment illicits a passionate response that you will direct your thoughts and feelings to that conversation. Join in and speak your mind!

Vic Vetters
Vice President & General Manager
WKTV-NEWSChannel 2 and

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