Investigator had guns pulled before murder/suicide


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Police say that Investigator Joseph Longo was under considerable stress in the weeks before he killed his wife and killed himself.

State police found the couple Monday afternoon in their Deerfield home. Kristin Longo, 39, had been stabbed to death, while Joseph Longo remained alive. State Police say Longo admitted stabbing his wife, then turning the knife on himself.

On Tuesday, Utica Police Chief Daniel LaBella - Longo's former partner of five years - said that the department had pulled Longo's gun about a month ago, stemming from an incident at Proctor High School.

LaBella said Longo allegedly pulled his weapon while working security at the school. Ironically, Longo's disciplinary hearing for that incident was supposed to happen Tuesday morning, September 29 at 11 a.m.

Instead, Longo's former boss and partner held a news conference at that time regarding the tragic incident.

Chief LaBella also confirms that Longo did appear in Oneida County Family Court Monday, and that he was despondent over situations regarding his marriage.

Court documents show the two had several recent court appearances regarding apparent divorce proceedings and settlements. Chief LaBella says the department saw Longo suffering and made counseling available to him, and that Longo was in the process of taking advantage of the counseling. Still, LaBella says he never saw this coming.

"The police department here did everything possible," LaBella said. "We could not have prevented this in any shape or fashion. I've known Joe for a number of years and his wife and if you were to ask me if I'd seen this coming I would have to say honestly, no. I don't think anybody-anybody seen this coming."

As far as mourning the former investigator, LaBella says, yes, Longo had a long, distinguished career at the Utica Police Department. But LaBella says Longo forfeited the right to any honor that goes with that when he committed this crime, leaving their four children without parents.

The chief says the department is starting a fund drive for the couple's four children, whom he says are the real victims in this tragedy.

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