Marcy is the test pilot for new electronic voting machines


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - When residents of Marcy head to the polls on Tuesday, many will be using the new electronic voting machines for the first time.

Marcy was the test pilot during September's Primary and Oneida County Board of Elections Democratic Commissioner Kathleen Perez says the process in September went smoothly, and residents should not be worried if this is their first time, "Instead of going into the booth and flipping the switch, what you will do in Marcy, the inspectors will give them the proper ballot, they'll take the ballot, it's nothing more than a bubble test, they'll take that ballot over to a privacy booth like they have here, they will mark in their choices color in the little holes, like a bubble test, lottery ticket and they'll just feed it into a machine.

Everyone else in Oneida County will all be using the old walk-in voting booths. The Board of Elections plans to use the electronic machines, county wide starting with next year's election.

As far as this year's ballots themselves go, Perez says they've been changed in Utica so you will see Frank Vescera's name for Utica's City Council, not Nedzad Smajic, who decided not to appeal a State Supreme Court's decision regarding a recount.

Also, Republican Dede Scozzafava's name remains on the ballot for the 23rd Congressional District race. You can still vote for her, even though she suspended her campaign and urged voters to vote for her democratic opponent.

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