Victim in Bogie stabbing remains uncooperative with police


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The victim of a weekend stabbing at a Utica nightclub still refuses to cooperate with police, making an investigation all the more difficult.

Utica Police responded Saturday night to a report of a stabbing that allegedly happened at the Bogie Nightclub on North Genesee Street. One victim was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Details still remain vague in the incident, and police say even they are in the dark as to the details that occurred that night and what led up to it - because those involved are not talking.

Utica Police Chief Dan LaBella said that the victim in the Bogie stabbing still refuses to cooperate with police, making it difficult to formulate a suspect or make an arrest when the victim does not want police action.

LaBella said police officers have interviewed the victim, who still remains silent. In order for a suspect to be apprehended, and eventually prosecuted, that would mean the victim would have to start giving details to the police.

"He would need to testify," LaBella said, "We would need him to go to a trial."

Since the victim does not want police action taken in the matter, that leaves the department's hands tied, Chief LaBella said.

Meanwhile, authorities are looking into the possibility of action against the nightclub, which has been the scene of several incidents in the past few years. The nightclub was the scene of a double shooting in August of 2008 and another stabbing in December of 2007.

Could that mean The Bogie Nightclub would be shut down after these incidents?

Chief LaBella couldn't say for sure, but did said his office is working the State Liquor Authority to make sure "this kind of conduct at the Bogie does not happen again."

"It's definitely being looked into," Chief LaBella said.

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