Venison could mean tax deduction for local hunters


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - Senator Chuck Schumer is proposing a new tax deduction that would help hunters and local food banks.

Senator Schumer was at the Ilion Fish and Game Club on Monday where he discussed his plan. According to Schumer, hunters will get a tax deduction when they donate venison. Venison processors will also receive a tax benefit to make processing the donated meat more affordable for them.

Schumer hopes this tax deduction will help the state's 'Venison Donation Coalition,' which had its state funding slashed two years ago.

Local food banks said they're excited about getting more venison donations - a highly-sought after meat in Central New York.

"We have real shortages in the food banks...people are going hungry," Schumer said. "We have hunters who want to donate meat...but it's expensive to get the deer processed."

Senator Schumer said the tax reduction will also help stimulate hunting revenue in the state, as hunting brings in about $1.5 billion dollars into New York every year.

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