Teen pleads guilty in YouTube fight

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The teen accused of starting a fight this past Summer that was later posted to YouTube has plead guilty.

Vyble Da, 17, of Utica, entered the guilty plea to assault charges Monday morning in Utica City Court.

The fight happened in August near the corner of James Street and Seymour Avenue in Utica. That fight quickly escalated to involve dozens of attackers, all taking their turn assaulting the victim.

The victim in the case - Senal Nedarevic, 16 - is also facing an assault charge for allegedly retaliating against someone police say was involved in the attack against him.

The fight happened near the corner of James Street and Seymour Ave. in Utica back in August. It was caught on tape, broadcast on you tube and viewed by thousands. In the video, Nedarevic can be seen being beaten with a baseball bat.

Prosecutors at the time said Nedarevic wouldn't help them identify and prosecute his attackers.

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