America's Most Wanted in Utica filming segment on 1985 Kimberly Simon murder


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A film crew from the nationally-syndicated show "America's Most Wanted" was in Utica on Thursday.

The crew was taping a piece on the 24-year-old murder of Kimberly Simon, who was 16 when she was murdered back in 1985.

DNA evidence helped free Steven Barnes last year after he spent nearly 20 years in prison.

Local investigators hope national exposure will help them reach someone with information - maybe someone who no longer lives in Central New York and doesn't know that Barnes was exonerated.

Producers with America's Most Wanted are hopeful and confident about the exposure they can give the case.

"Solve-ability factor is very high up there on the list," said Angeline Hartmann, a correspondent for America's Most Wanted. "And this case... investigators feel that by putting this case on the air can make the difference and we certainly agree with that. So we're crossing our fingers."

The segment on Kimberly Simon's murder will air on America's Most Wanted in February.

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