LaBella to Bogie nightclub: "Enough is enough, step up to the plate"


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Police are investigating a stabbing and shooting that took place early Saturday morning at "The Bogie" nightclub on North Genesee Street.

Two young men were stabbed on the dance floor, according to police, and two others were shot outside while police were investigating inside.

Saturday's incident is the fourth major act of violence at the establishment in three years. Utica Police Chief Dan LaBella reacted Saturday to the incident by saying that they are looking into sanctions against the establishment.

LaBella said, "Our police officers were at risk last night, the patrons in the establishment were at risk as well as the community surrounding The Bogie was at risk, enough is enough, they have to know who is going in that establishment and if they're carrying weapons."

Chief LaBella noted that it was the responsibility of the establishment to know the clientele coming into the nightclub. He said that they need to install metal detectors, video surveillance equipment or do something to better ensure a safer environment.

Chief LaBella said none of the four are being cooperative, which is making is hard to determine the exact occurrence of events from the morning. 

One of the stab victims was taken to a local hospital, while the other refused treatment. Both shooting victims were taken to a local hospital. The victim's names are not being released. All four people are from the Syracuse area.

No charges have been filed in the case but the investigation is continuing.

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