Age will not stop Canadian curlers from competing in 99th annual Mitchell Bonspiel


WHITESTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Curlers from around the country and eastern Canada brought their stones and brooms and game faces to the Mohawk Valley.
This weekend marks the 99Th annual Mitchell Bonspiel and 125Th anniversary of the Mitchell Medal.  And for two Canadian curlers, it also marks more than 25 years of coming to Utica for the competition.
It's no 'fun-spiel' for David Cox and his teammate, 83 year old Bob Moble.  It is the 26Th time the curler from Kingston, Ontario (and for Moble the 50Th) time he has laced up his curling shoes and stepped out on the ice for the annual Mitchell Bonspiel.
Despite curling's slower pace, it is physically demanding.
"The doctor's will tell're doing something you shouldn't be doing!" Cox says.
Cox and Moble's team from the Kingston Curling Club in Kingston, Ontario won their first game Saturday, after loosing three on Thursday and Friday.
Cox and Moble say age hasn't slowed their game.  They hope to earn a place in Sunday's semi-final round and say this time next year, they'll pack up their stones and brooms and compete in the 100Th annual Mitchell Bonspiel.

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