Richard Hanna: "I'm running for Congress"

By WKTV News

BARNEVELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Richard Hanna has officially thrown his hat into the political ring once again, announcing he's running for the 24th Congressional District. He will seek the Republican, Conservative and Independence party endorsements.

Hanna ran unsuccessfully in the last Congressional election. That followed two weeks of waiting for election returns to come in before he later conceded to incumbent Congressman Michael Arcuri. He lost by only 2% of the vote in a strong year for Democrats.

“We are fostering a political system that spends most of its time at war with itself ignoring its responsibilities to its citizens and the future,” Hanna said. “As we live through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression every American’s share of our multi-trillion dollar debt is over $184,000. If we do not begin to act responsibly and with urgency we risk being the last generation to pass to our children the full promise of our upstate community and this nation.

“I am running as an Independent minded, pragmatic American who believes that it is government’s responsibility to clear the way for individuals to solve problems, to foster all those productive economic and educational elements that create jobs and opportunity, which has allowed our nation’s citizens to enjoy the highest standard of living in the world,” Hanna continued. “We are living at a time of grave consequences as well as opportunity. How we respond is how the future and how our children will judge us.”

Arcuri had this to say in response to Hanna's announcement:

"Richard Hanna's announcement is not unexpected, but I am currently far more concerned with creating jobs and fixing our economy while working towards a sensible solution for healthcare reform."

Meanwhile, Oneida County Democratic Committee Chairman William Barry, is getting right into the spirit of round two.

"All we ever hear from Richard Hanna is partisanship and rhetoric, while the problems we face in our community demand action and ideas," Barry said. "Where does Richard Hanna stand on the issues and what are his ideas? Richard never took a position or provided a straight answer on anything in the last election, and based on his announcement today it seems we can expect more of the same this time around.”

But the National Republican Congressional Committee disagrees with Barry. They're happy to have a rematch between Hanna and Arcuri. They released this statement in regard to the race:

"Michael Arcuri should review the Massachusetts election results closely because it’s clear that voters, especially independents, are motivated to stop the Obama-Pelosi big government agenda he supports. Frustrated by Arcuri’s partisan record, Central New Yorkers want an independent voice in Congress that fights to create jobs, cut spending and lower taxes. Richard Hanna will provide that leadership and put people back to work.”

Hanna intends to have an official campaign kickoff in the coming weeks.

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