City of Little Falls gets back in the trash business


LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - For the past 40 years, an outside company has come into Little Falls on trash day to haul away the garbage.

Now, the city is back in the business.

In an effort to save money, city workers started picking up the trash on Wednesday, February 3. Little Falls Mayor Robert Peters said that for the past few years the city has been paying an outside company $450,000 a year to haul away the garbage.

Deciding the costs were too much for the city to continue paying, the city purchased two of their own trucks for a total of $289,000 - one truck for garbage and one for recyclables, Peters said.

By owning their own trucks and hiring three part time employees to haul away trash three days a week, the city should save around $150,000 a year, Peters said.

"I know people don't like changes, but were a city that wants to try something to save taxpayers money," Peters said. "I think this gamble will work because I look at the possible savings we can make."

The trash removal is just a one-year trial plan, Peters said. However, if everything goes well, the City of Little Falls will continue to do it in years to come, and possibly even offer services to other municipalities.

The city's new endeavor means Spohn Disposal, In Mohawk, is out of a contract.

The Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce is hesitant to weigh in. Executive Director John Scarano, says while he never likes to see a chamber member lose business, the Chamber of Commerce does not interfere with government and private industry negotiations.

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