Retired Corporal running Boilermaker to honor men and women in armed services

By Laurie Benedict

ILION – Everyone has their own reason for running the Boilermaker.

Physical fitness…to remember those who have passed, or to raise money for a cause, all valid examples of motivations to put your feet into the race.

And one retired marine is running for those who are protecting our freedom overseas.

For many, The Boilermaker is a fun time to get together with friends and put their physical fitness to the test. But for others, it is an opportunity to honor those who, for whatever reason, are not able to hit the pavement this weekend.

For Corporal Andy Purchase of Ilion, a retired marine, The Boilermaker is a time to honor those men and women serving our country overseas.

After training for months, Purchase suffered injury and spent the last few weeks recovering for knee surgery.

But her said that will not keep him from finishing the race. Purchase said if the troops can work through adverse conditions during war, he can certainly battle through a little pain.

And thanks to a last minute, specially-designed shirt by All Events in Little Falls, Purchase hopes that other runners will take some time out Monday to think of the troops.

“I hope that other people running see the shirt and thing of our troops and hopefully some of the troops will get a view of this themselves across the miles,” Purchase said.

And when the nearly 9.3 miles gets tough, Purchase said his marine Corps training is what he will fall back on to make it through.

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