Toyota dealerships scramble to deal with recalled cars


YORKVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Toyota is trying to put a positive spin on the recall of millions of its vehicles.

After months of sticking gas pedals, floor mat issues, and now potential electrical problems, Toyota owners, dealership and repair shops are all scrambling to deal with the cars that need fixing.

Steet Toyota, in Yorkville, received parts for the pedal replacements a few days ago. Since then, Corollas, Camrys, and Avalons, just to name a few, have been in and out of the garage.

"We had to extend our hours to seven days a week," said dealership partner Steve Ponte. "We did 50 repairs in the first day."

Ponte said about half of the cars on his lot were affected the recall. The dealership did a "stop sale," which means no new Toyotas have been delivered since January 25, 2010.

Ed Welsh, of AAA in Utica, isn't as impressed with Toyotas response to the recall. He said the company has been slow to explain exactly what many of the car's problems are, and is causing many AAA customers anxiety.

"They were very slow to react," Welsh said. "It took a lot to convince them to recall these cars."

Steve Ponte said that despite the recall, Toyotas are still being purchased. It is unclear, however, what the long term effects the recall will have on consumer confidence.

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