Utica's Master Plan is one step closer to completion


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Monday night, Master Plan subcommittee members presented their goals and recommendations to the city's Planning and Economic Development Committee.  Over the past few months, five subcommittees have been working to develop goals and make recommendations for projects that should be incorporated into the Master Plan.
The subcommittees are just part of the planning process that has gone into creating the first Master Plan Utica has had in over 50 years.  Citizens and city leaders have been working on developing solutions to some of the common problems plaguing Utica.
The Master Plan will also establish where future grant money and state funds will be allocated to. Utica's Urban Planning Director Brian Thomas says the biggest problem is dealing with Utica's shrinking population.
"This Master Plan is looking at how we right-size the city," Thomas says.
The Master Plan is still in the design stages.  Committee members hope to present a first draft of the plan in April.  There will also be public hearing's in the coming months.




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