Empire Aero files warn notice for job losses


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Griffiss Business and Technology Park based Empire Aero filed a warn notice this week, Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente said.

A warn notice is required by state and federal law from large companies who are planning to close operations or downsize their workforce significantly.

Last November, nearly 100 were laid off at the Rome company. On top of that, their president was let go last month.

The company's business is centered around cargo repairs and large transports.

However, Picente said that as of late, there has been little-to-no cargo being moved at Empire Aero - a decision made by a bad economy.

The county has yet to hear any definite plans, but there is a real possibility of major down-sizing or a closure.

"The worst case is, if the warn notice is any indication, that could mean anyone from one to all the 200 could be gone by the middle of the year," Picente said. "They would close or seek a buyer which is one in the same if they are going to get out of the business."

Conversely, Picente said the best-case scenario is that Empire Aero finds a buyer who will keep the company open, and doing the little work that is needed until the economy rights its self. Otherwise, Picente said, Empire Aero gets a new contract with the military to do repairs on military aircrafts.

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