Oneida County health survey results not pretty or healthy

ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The University of Wisconsin has released the results of a health survey of 62 New York State counties, and the results for Oneida County aren't pretty-- or healthy.

The study found that in terms of overall factors affecting health-such as smoking, obesity and teenaged pregnancy, Oneida County ranked around the middle of the pack: 29th. But in terms of health outcomes-including low birthweight and premature death, the county fared poorly-- 54th out of 62.

County health officials say they've been taking their own 'snapshot' of the county's health picture and knew the numbers were going to be disappointing. They say they're already working on improving the numbers.

"We put together people and teams to address many of the needs of the community that we need to work on.", Dan Gilmore, Ph.D

Health officials from around the county met at the county executive's office to discuss their roles in how to improve the numbers-including sharing some plans already in motion. Among them-a federally-funded health clinic being built on Oneida Street in Utica. The clinic is expected to open in April, and provide healthcare access to people who normally 'slip through the cracks', including those with no insurance, no primary care physician or inadequate insurance.

More details from the University of Wisconsin study are expected to be released on Wednesday.

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