Utica Common Councilors working long weekends to make budget cuts

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Common Council members have to approve a 2010-2011 budget in the next three weeks and they are spending their weekends looking for ways to make cuts.

On Friday, Mayor David Roefaro unveiled his proposed budget. He suggested an 11 % property tax increase, .5% sales tax increase and the elimination of 19 city jobs. Four city workers were already let go as part of that on Friday.

The finance committee of the Utica Common Council met Saturday to discuss the mayor's proposal.

Democratic Common Council Member Jim Zecca talked to NEWSChannel 2 Sunday morning and says he and other council members will be spending this weekend and the upcoming ones working long hours.

Common Councilor Zecca said, "Physically we take this budget, which as you can see is quite thick and go line item by line item and see whee we can make cuts, where we can make recommendations to the mayor."

The Common Council will have until March 20 to approve a new budget.

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