New York State invests $4 million in Marcy NanoCenter

MARCY – Four million dollars.

That’s the investment New York State is going to put into the Marcy NanoCenter, effective immediately.

The money will be used for infrastructure and engineering projects, all designed to make the Marcy NanoCenter site ready for construction.

That means the sewer lines, water lines, and roads, will already be in place before the developers get there.

The Vice-President of Marketing for Mohawk Valley Edge, Rob Duchow, said the state grant will speed up the development process.

“This is money that was appropriated from the 2006-2007 state budget which we have now gotten approval to spend,” Duchow said. “We'll be investing this money in planning and engineering for infrastructure improvements such as road, water, and sewer.”

Additional phase two funding for the site has already been proposed.

That proposal totals roughly $14.5 million.

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