Senator Gillibrand discusses jobs and healthcare in Village of Clinton

CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand hosted an economic roundtable at Hamilton College Friday morning.

The senator met with local business leaders, educators, not-for-profits and other elected leaders. She spent an hour listening to their concerns, and, for the most part, heard the same ones over and over again: jobs and healthcare. Concerns that aren't much different, she said, from those of New Yorkers around the state.

"Well they're similar in that people are hurting; at the end of the day there aren't enough jobs, we have high unemployment, state unemployment is close to ten percent but real unemployment is far higher, 15 perhaps 20 because many people have stopped looking for jobs."

Gillibrand also brought with her grant guides, which will help put those in attendance in touch with federal money.

"There's federal grants for green buildings, money for sewers and wastewater and water treatment facilities, there's money for affordable housing there's money for churches and community organizations but most people don't know how to apply for it so I broke it down into simple ways to do it so that all of these leaders can help get money into our communities to create those jobs."

Senator Gillibrand promised to work with the local leaders on federal issues where she is able to exert influence, and to advocate for them at the state level.

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