Family searching a year later for missing Whitesboro woman

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - At Saturday's Heart Run & Walk, family members were out looking for some new clues as to the whereabouts of 44-year-old Laura Pickard who went missing during last year's event.

Pickard, who suffers from a mental disorder called Bi-polar Disease, was last seen during the 2009 Heart Run and Walk along Main Street in Whitesboro, about a half mile from where the five mile run begins.

Pickard's sister, Jennifer Farrusi said, "the last time she was seen was on Main Street in Whitesboro about 10 a.m. We spoke with officials who worked last year's event who remember seeing her go into the bakery about quarter to 9:00. Another one reported seeing her near the library walking on the streets, so there were sightings of her, but that was the last anyone heard from her, she vanished."

She added, "we're here today in hopes of reaching someone who was in last year's event, maybe from out of our area, maybe wouldn't have seen it on the news, and hopefully catch, we only need one person that maybe have seen something important."

If you have any information, you are asked to call the Whitesboro Police Department immediately at 315-736-1944.

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