America's Most Wanted to air Kimberly Simon case on March 13

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A local murder case that's remained unsolved for more than two decades will get some national exposure Saturday night.

The Oneida County District Attorney's Office said that on Saturday, March 13th, the Fox Network Television show, America’s Most Wanted, will be airing an episode concerning the 1985 homicide of Kimberly Simon.

According to the Task Force conducting the investigation into this incident, the show will be aired in three segments and is approximately twenty-five minutes in length.

In the episode there will be portions of interviews with witnesses and investigators which were recorded when personnel from America’s Most Wanted were in the Utica area in November.

Also airing during the episode will be reenactments of what investigators believe took place on the night of September 18th and early morning hours of September 19th, 1985 that ultimately led to the death of Kimberly Simon.

This reenactment is based upon information that developed in the original investigation conducted by the Oneida County Sheriff’s Department, the current investigation being conducted by the Task Force formed by District Attorney Scott McNamara, analysis of Forensic Evidence conducted by the New York State Police Crime Lab and Orchid Cellmark along with witness accounts of what they have seen and heard in regards to the murder of Kimberly Simon.

The District Attorney's Office said that viewers will be informed of the existence of a group of individuals that were present in the area in the mid-1980’s that were deeply involved in the practice of Satanic Worship. These individuals were well known in the area because of the reputation they had developed as being involved in this satanic subculture, the D.A.'s office said.

This group was known to the original investigators and was interviewed between 1985 and 1987. Drug abuse, sexual abuse of females and animal cruelty, along with worshiping Satan, were just some of what this group of people, along with their associates, had participated in.

Viewers will be shown what investigators believe took place on the night that Kimberly Simon was murdered. This information was developed over the course of the past sixteen months and merged with what had already been available to police as a result of the original investigation.

A recent development in the investigation has been the sudden passing of one of the “Group of Interest” in another State. This individual has been previously interviewed by both the current Task Force and the original investigators.

AMW, along with the Task Force, are optimistic that the airing of this episode will provide investigators with substantial information that will ultimately lead to the successful closure of this investigation for the families of Steven Barnes and Kimberly Simon and all others that were affected by this terrible tragedy.

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