Councilman posts Utica budget online for taxpayer input

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Common Councilman Frank Vescera has posted Mayor David Roefaro's proposed 2010-2011 city budget online in an effort to get feedback and suggestions from taxpayers.

Vescera has placed the budget on his website

Vescera said he is urging property owners and residents to view the document and to contact him via the website's contact page with suggestions and comments about the budget and where cuts should be made.

"In my opinion, the focus of this budget should be centered on making meaningful cuts and sacrifices - now," he said. "We should be making the tough decisions - now - to bring our finances in order and taxpayers - residents, businesses and property owners, I believe, will accept these sacrifices - if they see the money is being used to begin paying down our debt and reigning in our spending."

Vescera went on to say that transparency in government has been one of his goals and he views this as a great opportunity to interact not only with his constituents, but "with all concerned citizens."

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