Ads urge Arcuri to vote "No" on healthcare reform


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Several special interest groups are spending an awful lot of money to get an awful lot of ads aired urging Congressman Michael Arcuri to vote "No" on the Senate's version of Healthcare Reform.

However, last we heard, Congressman Arcuri was going to vote "No," anyway. Arcuri told NewsChannel 2 that he would vote "No" in a story we aired on Sunday, March 7.

We asked many Central New Yorkers if they had seen any of the ads.

"Yes, I've seen a lot of them," said Anthony Rodeo, of Utica. Rodeo said he believes most people are like himself, and are tired of seeing them.

Arcuri voted "Yes" on the House version of the Bill in November. Some Central New Yorkers we talked to, though, believe the Congressman may end up voting "Yes" on the Senate's version, and are glad these ads continue to run. They said they want people to call his office, and he remains a "No" vote on the Senate's version.

In a press release Monday afternoon, Richard Hanna - who is running for the 24th Congressional District currently occupied by Arcuri - urged the Congressman the vote "no" as well.

"While I believe this country is in desperate need of health care reform, this is not the way forward," Hanna said. "Mr. Arcuri should vote against it and say it now. He should stop playing political games. The nationalized health care plan is poorly conceived and wrong for Upstate New York. It creates more government, adds more debt and does nothing to improve the quality of health care."

We tried to contact Congressman Arcuri all day Monday, to get his take on the ads and to see if he had changed his mind, but so far have not had a call back from his press people.

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