After overwhelming response for original, Councilman posts revised Utica budget online

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Due to an overwhelming response from posting Mayor David Roefaro's original proposed budget online for constituent feedback, City Councilman Frank Vescera has done so again - with the revised budget proposed by Roefaro Monday night.

Monday night, Mayor David Roefaro presented an amended budget proposal to the Common Council. In it, a proposed 8.43% property tax increase, the elimination of seven positions from the police department, and cuts across the board.

Vescera posted the original 2010-2011 Utica City Budget proposal on his website last week and said he got an abundant amount of feedback from area citizens with ideas on how to reduce the proposed 18% tax hike. Vescera said that many of the suggestions made by residents are in the 10-page revised version that carries an updated tax hike of of 8.43%

As a result, the politician has posted the revised budget for residents perusal on his website as of Tuesday, March 15.

"However, if Utica taxpayers ever deserve not to have a tax increase - this year, 2010, is that time," Vescera said.

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