Little Falls Mayor: Garbage pickup saving money


LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - The City of Little Falls started an experiment early last month to pick up their own garbage in hopes to save money. Now 60 days later the mayor says there is proof of savings.

The goal of switching from an outside company coming into the city to pick up the trash, to having city workers do it themselves was all about savings, said Mayor Robert Peters during a February 2nd interview.
At that time Peters felt as though the city would save around $200,000 a year making the switch.

According to Peters from February 2nd, to March 30 in 2009 the city spent $37,000 on trash removal. During the same time this year the city spent $16,308, said Peters.

The city invested in two new trucks for the adventure, one for the garbage and one for the recyclables. The trucks cost the city $290,000. Despite the investment, Peters is hopeful the city will continue to save money picking up their own garbage.

"The program has been working very well. We picked excellent workers who care for their job," said Peters. "Workers are very pleasant to people, and I think it has worked really well. I am thrilled and am looking for more savings."

Peters says the only concerns he has heard from people are over the mid day pick up times as opposed to the normal night pick up. Once the summer begins many residents won't mind the change because many people will sleep with their windows open and not want to hear the garbage collection at night, Peters said.

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