Where's My Census?


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Are you among those out there who still have yet to receive their Census forms in the mail? If you are, local Census office officials say don't worry.

For any address out there, that they do not receive a completed form back from, they will be going door to door.

We talked to some residents along Oneida Street in Chadwicks who say they haven't received their census questionnaire in the mail, and they want to make sure they are counted, so Chadwicks gets their share of government funding. Some get their mail delivered directly to their home, while others have post office boxes.

Local Census office manager Kitty Cowan says the U.S. Census Bureau does not send Census forms to post office boxes.

When the census does not receive a census form back from an actual address, i.e. where the people who have post office boxes actually live, or addresses of people who just haven't mailed them back, or in the rare case where people just didn't get one, Cowan says don't worry, they will be sending someone out door to door starting in early May and going through July.

Cowan also said all Census forms have not been mailed out yet, she says all forms will be mailed out by April 12th. If you still haven't received one by then, you are urged to call your local U.S. Census Office. Here in Utica, that number is 315-223-0100.

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