Two teens injured after shooting in Cooperstown police station


COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Two local high school students are being treated at Bassett Healthcare, after a shooting that occurred inside the Cooperstown Police Department.

Cooperstown Police Chief Diana T. Nicols said it all began when a car crashed into the iron gates just outside the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

From there, a 16 year-old male armed with a small-caliber rifle got out of the crashed vehicle and chased another 16 year-old teen from the corner of Main and Fair Street to the front of the Main Street Police Station. Police Chief Nicols said that the shooter had come out of the SUV that crashed into the gates.

The names of the teens were not being released Friday evening, as Chief Nicols had yet to speak with their families.

Police Chief Nicols said the victim ran into the police station and was attempting to hide from the other, gun-wielding teen. The hiding teen was then shot in the arm by the teen wielding the gun.

An officer at the desk pulled his gun and ordered the shooter to drop his weapon, at which point the shooter than turned the gun on himself.

Chief Nicols said the gun was secured as soon as it was dropped, and the scene was cleared. At that point, other officers were called to the scene, and the area was evacuated.

Neither the shooter or the victim in the incident died, but both were sent to Bassett Healthcare in Cooperstown, where Chief Nicols said they were both said to be "doing well."

Chief Nichols said that while the incident was shocking in the small Village of Cooperstown, it could have been much worse, as one of the bullets went right through her own window at the police department.

Currently, police do not have a motive in the chase or shooting, but are continuing their investigation.

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