New Cooperstown mayor faces tall task following shooting


COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Cooperstown's new Mayor, Joe Booan, is being sworn in to office. His first order of business is one most new mayors don't usually have to deal with: Calming the nerves of residents after a shooting in the heart of the village.

Mayor-elect Joe Booan was the guest of honor at a ceremony at the village hall. Three days after a shooting, Booan now has the tall task of answering questions many residents are asking.

The incident took place Friday afternoon. Police say a white Cooperstown High School student chased a black student down the street and eventually shot at him. Police say after hitting the student in the arm, the gunman then shot himself.

According to authorities, the youth may be charged with a hate crime. The village's newest mayor calls this incident very sad and unusual, "I would reassure the residents of Cooperstown that this is a very safe and vibrant community in which to live and raise their children. It will remain a safe community," Booan said.

NEWSChannel 2 spoke with Mary Jo McPhail, the Superintendent of the Cooperstown School District, who said they were very shocked by the incident. She said there were "no prior indications of racial problems at the school district."

The Otsego County District Attorney's office is currently handling the case.

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