Oneida County Republican Committee endorses Townsend for Sheriff

SYLVAN BEACH, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Oneida County Republican Committee has given their unanimous endorsement to Assemblyman Dave Townsend in his bid to become the next Oneida County Sheriff, Townsend announced in a press release Monday evening.

"I'm pleased to have the support of the Republican Committee and I pledge to use my years of law enforcement experience to be the best Sheriff Oneida County has ever had," Townsend said. "I pledge to be a strong leader who is fair and impartial in dealing with everyone in Oneida County, but I'll be tough when I have to be tough."

Townsend said he will work closely with local police officials in an effort to enhance policing and initiate programs to better inform the public about the role of the Sheriff's Office.

"as your State Assemblyman, I've pushed for laws that have helped the law enforcement community across New York," Townsend said. "as your Sheriff, I'll be able to implement those laws and along with my law enforcement experience, I'll be working hard everyday to make our county the safest in New York State."

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